RUSH 2021

The games. The adrenaline. The reunions. The excitement. The battles. The rivalries. The victories and defeats. The suspense. The euphoria. The imagination unleashed. This is RUSH.

The name RUSH is inspired by Real Time Strategy (RUSH) games, a style of playing where the player or team goes on the offensive and tries to attack and defeat the opponent early in the game. The largest gaming event of the year, in the region, brings together the best names in the gaming sphere: gamers at all levels, publishers, brands, influencers and content creators, entertainers, and a massive legion of fans in an experience unlike anything else. The best of the best converge at RUSH.


Our mission is to raise awareness and promote the dynamic, engaging and exciting arena of Gaming and Esports, and its infinite possibilities.

RUSH will be an annual event that brings together top gaming talent, brands, game publishers, and ardent fans in an extravaganza of competition and fun, and in the process, build a global community.